About Sharjah Light Festival wallpapers

Over a period of 9 days in Sharjah, from February 6th to the 14th 2014, the night shines and the city is reinvented. Urban space is offered an escape from its daily routine… it becomes a new land of mystery. Streets are lit up, architecture is altered, parks and gardens appear under a new light. Magic, light and sound move the audience.
This is a special time for exploration and adventure; in each corner a new image appears – the colours are multiplied and endless. Eyes sparkle, questions arise… Sharjah was not the same yesterday. And how will it be tomorrow?
Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA) will take over public spaces from nightfall, in that time bracket when everything is possible, making Sharjah a city that dreams at night. The fourth edition of the SLF will again feature a highly talented, diverse group of international and local artists, experts in outdoor special events, designers and image directors, who will transform Sharjah into a magical place of awakening and mystery