21 Creative and Funny Halloween Costumes For Pets

In all the excitement surrounding creative Halloween costume ideas, people often forget that there’s a whole other world of costumes that can be forgotten – costumes for our pets. If a pet’s Halloween costume is both creative and comfortable for our animal friends to wear, both we and our pets can enjoy it.
The ways in which these pet owners have approached decking out there animals is as diverse as the pets and animal owners themselves. Some matched the pets to costumes based on the color of their pets’ skin or fur, while others made them resemble pop culture characters that were based on their species in the first place.
When designing a Halloween costume for a pet, it’s important to ensure that it is comfortable and/or unobtrusive for the pet to wear. Otherwise, the pet will probably do whatever it can to destroy the costume and neither you nor the animal will have a good time. The animals in these pictures seem like they aren’t bothered too much by the costumes, making them seem even funnier (or more fearsome).