We’ve seen some elegant and discreetly designed high quality speakers, that sometimes become an integral part of interior design and the expression of your personality, so tell me: what do these skull shaped iPod speaker by Jarre tell us about your personality? Sure, they’re quirky, but would you place them somewhere, around your house? To me, it kinda looks like a morbid shrine to Daft Punk.

Dubbed the ‘AeroSkull HD’, the speaker seems to be inspired by Indiana Jones and his Alien contacts, although it does offer top audio performance, so it can spike up the party you had planned for next weekend or just plainly scare your latest date; your choice! Jarre Technologies is actually based in Berlin and founded by none other than electronic music pioneer, Jean Michael Jarre. The interesting gadget features high definition sound and plays all devices equipped with a lightning connector, such as the iPhone 5S & 5.
You may opt out for one of 11 different hues, while the bone shaped IR remote control and its back-light feature will probably get the dog jealous. The AeroSkull is priced at $559, and it’s not the first skull shaped iPod docking station I’ve seen – however odd that might sound; there is one developed by Swarovski. Things keep getting weirder, I know, but I guess there’s more ways than one to prove to the world who you are, right?