Sun is merely the most important part of human life on this planet earth. Just imagine what could have been our life, if the biggest member of our solar planet. For sure, the lights bill must have gone much higher. The natural beauty of this earth would have become just a dark beauty!
So according to some common sense, the sun makes our life beautiful and worth living. The sun is just a big ball of hydrogen burning consistently to lighten up our life. Along with the sun our nature has blessed us with something extra.
The earth is so beautiful that our life will end if we try to enjoy the beauty unto the most extreme level with extreme details. The beauty of this earth is enhanced by solar radiations. If you are having a view of something very special during sunrise or sunset, you will be amazed with the enhanced level of added virtual appearance of the same scenario.
Here in this post I am giving you some of the examples that will justify my words. This post contains pictures captured in the presence of sun light in either form. The post means for sole- entertainment purpose. So have fun and enjoy!