Forget taco-copters or same-day shipping — drones are the perfect companion for off-roaders. They can scout locations, keep tabs on terrain, and when you’re back on paved roads, give you a heads up about that tool that flipped his pickup on your morning commute. And that’s exactly what the Renault Kwid concept is promising.

The French automaker is looking to get back into the Indian market, where high-riding compact crossovers are the norm, and the Kwid is Renault’s attempt at getting up-and-coming younger buyers into the fold.

Obviously, the inclusion of a quadrocopter — or “flying companion” in Renault-speak — is more of a gimmick than a production reality, but it still makes a sick bit of sense. The tiny drone can be controlled through either a tablet on the dash or by setting GPS waypoints, alerting the driver of obstacles in the road, beaming pictures back to the car, or videoing the Kwid’s travails.

The interior design was inspired by bird nests and the front seat can supposedly accommodate three humans, with the driver in the middle, while two more passengers can camp out in the back. Power is provided by a teeny 1.2-liter engine that sends its measly grunt through a dual-clutch gearbox and down to the front wheels, and Renault hints at the possibility of the Kwid using an electric motor, although it doesn’t provide power figures for either that or the engine.

Naturally, it’s a concept, so the Kwid is more of a styling exercise that will point the way forward for Renault’s designs, but in the interim, Jeep buyers would be wise to look into their own drone retrofits.