Missing You I Am Missing You
I Miss You All The Time
I Need You Now To Look At Me

Look At Me Tonight!
All The Love You Have For Me
I See It In Your Eyes
It’s All Lies
Miss You…
 Miss You…
M : My Soul Needs You
I : Impossible to Live Without You
S : Scare Without You
S : Simply You are My Life
Y: You And Me Is The Same person
O: Of course I Love You
U : Unlimited Of Words Cant Describe How Much I Needs You…

 Together or apart, you always remain in my heart;
When I think of you, it brings a little lark!
Missing you, my sweetheart!
 Miss me
Hate me
both r in my favor,
If u miss me
I'll always b in ur heart,
If u hate me
I'll always b in ur mind

When you look at me
I feel I m fine
when you see me
I feel I m beautiful
when you give me smile
I feel I m happy
when you touch me
I feel I m alive when you talk with me
I feel I m someone Special
and finally when you are not with me
I feel I m NOTHING!