Longest Space Mission Launched by China

It is expected that China will be launching the longest ever space mission on Tuesday and the second crew will be having one women astronaut. This is in fact an indicator that country is prospering and getting empowered.
The space craft named The Shenzhou which has a meaning of Divine Vessel was to lift at GMT 09:38 from the launch center in Gobi Desert which is Jiquan.
According to the spokesman Wu Ping the three astronauts which including Wang Yaping got training as an air force transport pilot will spend 15 days in the space.
This multi Billion dollar space program is seen by the Beijing as an indication of their rising technical expertise and rising global stature. It is also the success of ruling communist party that the fate of nation that was suffering from poverty has been changed as a result.
This mission is promoted a lot at domestic level. This mission was given a lot of coverage by the media as a special transmission ran on Tuesday showing the pictures and stories of the astronauts with a Chinese flag on the chest of every astronaut which was pinned.
The officials told that lessons will be taught by Wang to every school children through a video link during the mission and in order to learn many things about the universe and explore the great universe we expect to join each other’s hand said Wang.