Long Exposure Photography – 30 Stunning Examples
One way of taking beautiful photograph is by using the technique of long exposure photography. This type of photography requires a longer shutter speed, somewhere between half a second to a couple of minutes to an hour. Using a tripod while practicinglong exposure photography will give you optimum results as your hands may shake. However, some people prefer that blur look. Moreover, it is recommended to should make use of the timed shutter release as this allows the photographer to set the shot and set a time for releasing the shutter. Most of the cameras found today come with the option of one or more timed shutter releases. The camera takes in more light to the sensor or film while using a longer shutter speed of a couple of seconds. This allows the camera to read the scene and the surrounding thereby collecting details in a low light condition. A slow shutter speed allows great pictures in low light conditions as well as allows for creative uses of motion in long exposure photography. Try to use slower shutter speed to photograph a biker or a moving car. Study the effects. Long Exposure Photography comes with practice and experiment. Enjoy the gallery of Long Exposure Photography – 30 Stunning Examples