Little Cute Chicken HD

A collection of high quality free computer desktop wallpapers featuring Spring Chicken wallpapers - Seasonal wallpapers. Spring chicken is also called as Poussin or the Cornish game hen. The spring chicken are bred with the prime reason of eating and differs from other chicken in their ratio of white to dark meat. The spring chickens generally weigh from 750 gm to 800 gm. The chicken breed are known for their tender and juicy meat compared to others. The term spring chicken is also used as an phrase that is used to address a young person. It is also used to address a person lacking worldly experience. See these beautiful scenes and view on your computer. All wallpapers are in 1024x768, 1280x800, 1280x960, 1280x1024 or 1600x1200 resolutions. We have also hundreds of widescreen wallpapers / HD wallpapers available for our visitors in many resolutions such as : 1920x1200, 1680x1050, 1440x900, 1366x768, 1400x1050 or HD 1920x1080 resolutions . We support smartphone, tablet pc and mobile phone screen sizes too : 240 x 320, 176 x 220, 128 x 160. 320 x 480, 640 x 480, 960 x 800, 960 x 854 and 128 x 128. Amazing wallpapers , alive on your desktop for Mac & PC.