The giraffe (from lat. Giraffa camelopardalis) – the tallest land animal on earth.
This beautiful spotted creature inhabits in Africa. Spots are located on their body in several options and each drawing is unique.
About The Giraffe

Did you know that the number of horns on a giraffe`s head sometimes comes to five! And also giraffes can even outrun a race horse. When giraffes are at risk they run away at speed up to 55 kilometers per hour.
Giraffes move very interestingly: first, they put both right legs at a time, and then left. Some jumping ability is also observed: it can overcome the barrier of two meters tall. The giraffe eats more than half of his life. It spends up to 20 hours per day eating. The giraffe eats only plants, loves acacia very much. Its saliva neutralizes spines. It is thick and coats a spine, which greatly facilitates the consumption of food with spines. The giraffe sleeps about an hour per day. Sometimes it sleeps just ten minutes.