When I met up with Jiff, he was sitting pretty and playing it casual outside of a bakery.

42 Things That Happened During My Day With The Second Most Famous Pomeranian In The World

 I found out quickly that everywhere Jiff goes, fans stop and ask for photos.

 The man wanted Jiff to try on a $10 million necklace.

“I love Louis. Those bags… I just can’t,” Jiff said.

It didn’t take long. The first tracksuit he tried on it fit like a (comfortable) glove.

 Jiff told me this happens fairly often.

At Lacoste, Jiff was quick. He knew exactly what he needed: a navy blue classic collared tee.

 That’s why some consider Jiff to be the Rihanna of Pomeranians.

Our destination for the day: Rodeo Drive. Jiff told me he only shops designer because of his unique size. Being a Pom isn’t always so easy. It’s a hard, awkward fit.

 Then we went to Louis Vuitton. Jiff needed to pick up a trench.

 Jiff switched out his T-shirt and opted for his newly purchased trench.

That was easy. Then Jiff wanted to take us to his favorite cupcake place, Sprinkles.

Jiff had to get going. As mentioned earlier, Jiff had a charity event to attend.

After a flyby at Dior…

 We made a quick pit stop at Tiffany’s where Jiff had to pick up a gift for a friend’s daughter’s quinceañera.

a fan who happened to own a jewelry store stopped Jiff.

He was always so gracious.

 Jiff didn’t seem to mind all of the attention, though. He told me, “I love my fans.”

After a little window shopping at Versace…

“My friend Barb is throwing her daughter one of those crazy big circa 2005 MTV Super Sweet 16parties. I had to get her something good.”

A sales associate brought him a suit he thought he would like.