McLaren P1 Night Glow by GSC

Don’t you wish your ride was hot like this? I bet! So, feel free to drool at German aftermarket specialist GSC’s latest project, their program for the McLaren P1 – Night Glow. No one was expecting an aftermarket program for the P1 anytime soon, but since it’s here already let’s take a look at what’s been going on inside the GSC garage – better yet, what we wish we’d find in ours.
The GSC McLaren P1 Night Glow blew your mind away, I know; it did that with the aid of its new body kit, although the power increase is not to be ignored. The GSC aerodynamic package for the McLaren P1 includes a new front spoiler blade, side blades, a re-designed front apron with integrated LED daytime running lights, an adjustable rear wing, a roof scoop, side skirts, and a rear diffuser complete with side walls. Not to shabby, right?!
This McLaren looks like one of those vehicles you’d ride while racing with your buddy inside the NFS game. Speaking of, the McLaren P1 Night Glow also received a bespoke exhaust system with two round tail pipes measuring 100 mm in diameter.
I’d pay to hear that engine roar, since this McLaren is one powerful ride: it features an output of 1,000 hp, as opposed to the standard 916PS (903 bhp). GSC hasn’t announced what this baby would cost you – as if you could afford it – but one thing’s for sure: this McLaren P1 is off the hook!