Bluetooth speakers are no longer a novelty, they’re a trend and you can spot them every where you look these days. But the fact is that there’s little to tell them apart with. To name a few – there’s the UE Boom, Jawbone Jambox, and many others. But JBL is tryint to separate itself from the pack by adopting a new approach with the JBL Pulse.

Sure, it may have the same shape and setup as the JBL Charge, but this baby ain’t meant for that; oh, no! Instead of charging up your 5v devices, the JBL Pulse is a portable BLuetooth speaker system that includes a panel of LED lights which bounces to the beat of your tunes. Now, that’s cool!
The Pulse ships with 5 pre-programmed light themes, but fear not: if that isn’t to your liking you can either program your own or download JBL’s own creations. You might enjoy them JBL Pulse colors for up to 10 hours of audio only – supposedly that’s how long the battery lasts – and 5 hours in total when both the LED panel and speakers are active.
The sounds comes from.. speakers, obviously, which feature 40mm drivers, so sound quality should be reasonably good. For those of you with NFC enabled phones – love that technology – good news: you’ll be able to simply touch your handset to the speaker and automatically pair the two via Bluetooth without the hassle of multiple button presses. Yes, please! Oh, and let’s not forget the price tag: The JBL Pulse ships 11/10/2013 for $200.