I don't need a diamond ring.

I don't need a diamond ring.
I don't need the best chocolates.
I don't need the most expensive
fresh flower.
But all i need is...
Your love.
Your care.
Your time.
And most importantly
I need you!!!   
 LOVE Is The other
Name Of
If You Can't Respect
Your Loved
Then You Don't Deserve
to Be

 Love is not a joke, Love is not a game,
Once you fall in love, You will never be
the same. . .
Love is never-ending, Love is never
Love can make you weak, Love can
make you strong. . .
Love is more than words, Love is more
thanks giving,
Love can make you cry, Love can make
you sing. . .
Love is always true, Love is always
Love is something that happens, Not
something that you find.

In life, you will have people that will love you, leave you, and hurt you. But then you have the ones that will love you, never leave you, or ever hurt you.♥♥