The HTC One has rightfully been one of the most popular and acclaimed phones of the year, and with a mini version of the mobile unveiled in July, it was surely only a matter of time until HTC supersized the device to make sure it had all bases covers. Enter the HTC One max, a "phablet"-sized phone that boasts top specs and a similar sleek design as its tinier siblings.
The One Max will be available in the UK from mid-October. No pricing details are yet available, but expect it to be expensive (£500+).

Like the HTC One and the HTC One mini before it, the HTC One Max has to be one of the most beautiful Android devices ever produced. It's round back is crafted almost entirely from aluminium, although it has the same plastic rim that distinguishes the HTC One mini from the One. An extremely slim bezel rings the outer edges of the screen, which stretches nearly the full width of the phone, and along the top are two silver slivers with speaker grills.