Mobile latest technology , Flexible Modile.

There is an increase in the use of flexible displays and with new technology coming along all of the time, so is the amount of new devices using it, such as this device which is a sort of netbook or a fold out tablet. It seems that this could be the future of devices to come, but not just yet we will still have to put up with current technology for now. The "Flexible Modile" is a conceptual mobile device that utilizes emerging technology to be created around a soft surface, ideally a fabric and or mesh, which would house the main components and mount the screen. Featuring the touch sensitive, flexible screen to allow the device fold out and become a tablet, the new mobile device also utilizes the outside screen to display the graphic treatment/background, picked by the user, to allow quick and easy customization and unlimited CFM options.

The external screen displays the background picked by the user and the unit is ruled by customizability, as its main aspect. There’s a videocall camera in there, plus the ability to turn the conceptual gadget into a photo frame or a media player. Also, considering that the display basically covers the entire device, you can change its looks in any way you want, as pointed out by the last pic below.