Nail Colour every girl to look pretty

In todays era, it is the desire of every girl to look pretty. As competition in every field of life is increasing, fashion is also on its peak. Women are no more hesitant in applying or wearing bold and fresh colours. Even in nail colours they try to choose the best ones. Trend for light and boring shades is gone, now most of the girls go for wearing bold colour clothes and they apply these colours on their nails too.
Nails are an important part of your body, giving a good or bad look to your hands. While wearing best dress, carrying a matching hand bag and wearing matching shoes our women do not forget to apply nail polish to their nails to make their hands pretty and giving them an out class look.
The thing is not just to apply nail colour on your nails whether in rough or good manner. Your nails will look pretty only if nail colour is applied with care and following the right procedure while applying it.