DKNY PureDKNY A Drop Of Rose: A Story Of Goodness Through A Rose

Every perfume tells a unique story. Every drop is a word that forms a beautiful narrative, and the fragrant cloud of mist takes you to an inspiring place, a memorable journey. PureDKNY A Drop Of Rose narrates and takes you to the wonderful harvesting and cultivation season of the Rose Damascene in Turkey:
At the Isparta Valley in Turkey is where the precious Rose Damascene thrives. Every June, the farmers harvest the first blooms using a generations- old sustainable farming method. Just before the season ends, 2500 tons of Rose petals were harvested and transported to a distillery for extraction. The result is the essence of the Rose Damascene: Pure, gentle, and uncomplicated--this is what goes into every bottle of PureDKNY A Drop of Rose.

This fragrance is actually the third variant from the Pure line. The first two were Drop of Verbena and Drop of Vanilla. A Drop of Rose is now available in all our local leading department stores. Price is P4,900.00 (100ml) and P3,500.00 (50ml). You're asking about my initial thoughts on this fragrance? I love it because again, I will say it, I love Rose in general, and this one smells uniquely youthful! Please keep on checking back for a detailed review of this fragrance. :)