The lake is surrounded by mountains covered by a thick layer of snow.

 The river or lake in this image can be passed across with the help of a bridge.
 The bench in this image faces a large empty area buried under snow and surrounded by many trees.
 There isn’t much snow showing in this wallpaper, but you will get cold looking at it for too long.
 The road in this image is covered by thick snow and lined with a barely there fence.
 This vector image shows another remote, forgotten European village, bordered by a river.
 This must be a typical winter scene in the Netherlands.
 Here you can see 2 swans swimming on the lake surrounded by snowy trees.
 A country road, lots of snow and a sunset with no human presence in sight.
 The fence is barely there and the naked trees look lonely. The colors of the sky is what makes this image breathtaking.
 A golden mountain seems to be rising in the middle of a forest all covered by snow.
 This wallpaper shows some woods covered in snow while the sun is seen through the trees.
 This water wheel building looks very still surrounded by trees and a thick layer of snow.
 The huge lake is surrounded by many snow covered trees.
 The focus of this image is the snow covered bridge reaching from one flank of the river to the over.
 One may see snow this thick only in pictures taken in the most remote northern regions.
 The best way of describing this wallpaper is “a pine tree forest under thick snow.”
 This landscape features a large view on snowy hills and pine trees.
 A countryside road covered by a heavy snow blanket and bordered by some wooden fence.
 This image is created on a computer once again and it features a remote forgotten European village.
 This park covered with some heavy snow makes you daydream of your childhood times.
 This wallpaper features a lake in the foreground and a forest in the background, looking magnificent.
 This wallpaper features a lake in the foreground and a forest in the background, looking magnificent.
 The Snow Queen might be living in this wallpaper that has been created on a computer.
 This painted scenery of a snow covered New York City looks like a vintage greeting card.
 This wallpaper looks like a vintage greeting card and it features a New York street.
 The river is flanked by some woods heavily buried under snow.
39+ Stunning Winter Wallpapers
 Another river passing through a snow covered forest with a sunset in the background.
 While the country road ordered by fences looks covered in snow, the hills in the distance show another season, autumn.
 This forest road has been cleaned of any snow and the image is void of any color for those black and white image lovers.
 This landscape looks like a desert of snow. The few trees are bathing in a cold winter sun.
 This is a rocky beach in scenery that can make your imagination more active.
 This winter scenery seems to be taken on some snowy beach.
 The sun setting over this winter scenery makes it seem warmer than it actually was.
 This rocky shore is bathing in the rays of the setting or rising sun.
 The forest is covered by snow but the sun shining through the branches makes one think it’s actually quite warm.
 This image seems to be taken out of some kids’ stories book.
 This image is surely created with an image creating program but it looks real enough for your winter wallpaper needs.
This image has been generated on the computer and it uses amazing colors.