which is a member of the Grandiflorus Group with Large-flowered Light salmon-orange - Orange (Light) 22 - with a red blotch on a large yellow lower throat bloom in Early Season (70 days). 
Registered by Peeters in 2009. Field height is ? inches and it has 24 buds on a single 28 inch flower spike with 7-8 florets which stay open together - 6-7 in colour.

Used for Exhibiting.
From the Latin gladius ("sword"), the name used by Pliny, referring to the shape of the leaves.

Flowerhead. Photo from North American Gladiolus Council
Beautiful Angel x Flevo Sunset  
Light salmon-orange with a red blotch on a large yellow lower throat  
A 4 3/4" floret with 24 buds 7-8 open 6-7 in color  
Flwhrd Med. Long  
Field Height Med. Long 
70 days" from North American Gladiolus Council . This seedling LP 03-575 is a cross between Gladiolus 'Beautiful Angel' and Gladiolus 'Flevo Sunset'.
All American's have AA after their class number and is the ultimate acclaim for a glad cultivar.  All American Select  (new system ) are followed by AAS after class number and is the name that has been designated to the best glads that are chosen from trial gardens across North America.
"An exquisitely unique salmon-orange adorned with a red blotch on a large yellow lower throat. Florets have sculptured medium ruffling and of heavy substance. Spikes are thick and straight. Makes a wonderful early cut flower and can make show spikes too." froPeeters Enterprises Gladiolus.