The Dead Sea, The Magical Wonder of Nature

The Dead Sea is a salt lake between the West Bank and Israel to the west, and Jordan to the east, said to be the lowest point on Earth (420 meters below sea level). The sea is called “dead” because its highsalinity means no macroscopic aquatic organisms such as fish or water plants can live in it.
The Dead Sea attracts many visitors for thousands of years due to its extremely salty water, which has 30 percent salinity. The climate and its unique conditions created by its low elevation have made it a popular center for several types of therapies, such as sun radiation treatment, treatment that exploits black mud of theDead Sea, bathing treatment and others.
The Dead Sea contains 50 times more concentrated bromine and 15 times more magnesium than the ocean. The incredible sensation of floating effortlessly on the surface of the Dead Sea has to be experienced to be believed!