1. Section off a triangular chunk of hair in the front before you start. This will make your swirly gig later!

2. Put the top half of your hair up with an elastic, like you are doing a half up half down hairstyle. Make sure its pretty tight.
3. Make a ponytail with the bottom half of your hair, but before you secure it with an elastic, add a section of hair from the top pony to make the ponies look more 'joined together'.
5. Tada! Shake it out and fluff it a bit with a teasing comb. This trick makes your ponytail look MUCH longer!
 1. Take the chunk of hair you sectioned off at the front and start back-combing it section by section. Pull the section of hair firmly upward and press the bristles of a teasing comb down into the roots. A Spornette teasing comb is best for this! It is what I used.
2. Spray generously with a firm hold hairspray. I used Kevin Murphy Session Spray and it was perfect for creating this style. Thank you to Kevin Murphy team for sending it to me!
3. Smooth down the fly-aways created by back-combing but be careful not to break down the back-combing itself. Grab some bobby pins and get ready to do the swirl.
4. Gently twist the section of hair and make a loop at the end of the section as I am showing. Carefully roll this section up on itself, like a cinnamon roll. This may take a few tries. You may find it helpful to use a gel product to keep the section together if you have layers. It took me a little practice!
5. Once you have rolled the section up completely, fasten it into place with sneaky bobby pin placement. Spray it very generously with your hairspray to make sure it stays in place.
Hope you enjoyed and I hope my instructions were coherent! Hope to share more tutorials soon!