Comet Lovejoy
Amazing Space Photography

 An Active Mount Etna from Space
  Milky Way Galaxy
  Sahara Sand Treks Across the Atlantic Ocean
  Our Sun Reflecting Off a Brazilian River
  Denmark, Norway & Sweden at Night with Aurora Borealis
  Ireland, North Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales
 Europe at Night
  The Argentine Coast

The ISS in Front of a Backdrop of Stars

 Lake Powell, Monument Valley, Las Vegas and the Canyons from Space
 Southern Lights (Aurora Australis) between Antarctica and Australia
 Lava Crater in Muaritania (Sahara)
 Aurora Australis
 Atmospheric Glow
  Sunglint off the Earth’s Surface

 The Mouth of the Amazon
 Lightning Flashes Spotted Over West Africa
 The ISS Above Earth
Ever wonder what astronauts sees from above? See these amazing space images shared by André Kuipers, a physician and an ESA astronaut.

He is the second Dutch person to ever fly in space and the first Dutch astronaut to ever return to space. On Flickr, Kuipers has shared over three hundred of his amazing photographs from space.