1. Rome

This attractive metropolis is the home of traditional Italian pizza and a strong cultural history. With the Colosseum on its doorstep and the Trevi fountain being a major tourist attraction, Rome has something for everyone. You can take part in a Fiat 500 Treasure Hunt or get football tickets and watch a passion-filled game. If you’d rather relax then head to one of the city’s legendary pizzerias for a margarita and a Peroni.


 The Dutch capital offers so much more than just the Red Light District and coffee shops- there are a whole host of beautiful, cultural sights to see. Take a bike ride around the canals and top restaurants, or experience the exceptional nightlife. Amsterdam is alive at all times of year- in summer it becomes a beautiful place to take a gondola ride and in winter ice-skaters take to the frozen-over canals.


Barcelona weekends are an excellent choice- there are beautiful sights to see, top football to watch and unforgettable nightlife to experience. The climate’s sunny most of the year and a visit to the local Nou Camp is a must. As it’s right on the coast you can visit the huge stretches of white sands and take part in excellent water sports in the clear, blue ocean.


As well as world class bars and clubs Berlin is also a great destination for festival lovers- there’s a huge variety of festivals celebrating everything from music and dance to literature and art. The Berlin Wall is a must-visit and teaches of the city’s rise and fall. With outstanding value and Europop nightclubs it’s a great destination for groups.


Cardiff is Europe’s youngest capital and is a rocking metropolis, perfect for party-seeking groups. There’s a vibrant nightlife and top casinos to keep groups going through the evening, as well as a plethora of excellent daytime activities as well. Extreme canyoning is a top choice, as well as white water rafting, paintball and gorge walking. In between activities take a leisurely walk around the grounds of Cardiff Castle- where you can learn of the city’s great history.


Gothenburg offers the best restaurants and nightlife in Sweden as well as attractive holiday options. Gothenburg has a very agreeable approach to leisure, easy access and very reasonable flights. There’s great accommodation and a huge selection of pubs and bars to get your evening going. The city is also striking in the evening, so be sure to take your cameras.


England’s capital has everything a visitor could want- from great sites and excellent shopping to world class restaurants and a buzzing nightlife. Experience a gold standard mix of great partying and daytime exploring, and with over 6,000 restaurants you’ll never go hungry!


This is one of the top choices for international travelling groups. The capital of the Czech Republic is a monumental destination, with a lively atmosphere, striking architecture and great nightlife. See the Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square and try the legendary Czech beer. Prague stag weekends are also a popular group choice, especially since the accommodation is top class and with excellent comedy clubs and restaurants the city has something to do at every time of day.


The alluring capital of Iceland provides terrific activities for all kinds of group. The famous Blue Lagoon is in the centre of the city, and provides geothermal, mineral-rich waters for bathers. Also a must-see is Mount Esja, which gracefully ascends into the skyline. You can embark on a glacier hike near here or snowmobile across the landscape. With world-class restaurants and excellent snow-activities this is a first rate location.


Riga is an exciting holiday destination, with exceptional group activities, excellent nightlife and wonderful hotels. The stunning Latvian locals are friendly and the atmosphere’s welcoming, making for a fantastic trip. Riga is also great for groups on a budget, as accommodation, food and drink are all excellent value. See the incredible architecture, visit the striking River Daugava and bobsleigh on an international track.