Blings are the festive and evening trend; and for this summer 2013 sequined items are a must! For all evening events, you can rock this trend by wearing sparkly shoes and bags;

Sequined high heels are the sexiest style right now! You can find them in all sort of colors; although red is the most loved one.

When wearing sequined shoes keep the rest of the outfit simple; go for neutral colors or dark ones.

Although sequined high heels are better wore with plain dresses, that doesn’t mean you can’t match them with a sequined clutch!
Blingy gold clutches are one of the best item you can own; it goes perfectly with all evening dresses; but you can play a bit more with this trend by wearing same-color sequined bag and shoes! For example you can wear blingy gold clutch with blingy gold high heels-with a little black dress! Perfect, right? There are so many styles you can try, all you need is matching the right bags and shoes; but that’s better done by showing you how then writing about it.
That’s why I put together these amazing combination of sequined bags and shoes for you all to get inspired. Blings and more blings for this summer.