Believe it or not, but nail polish can really tell you about someone’s personality! Have you ever looked at someone’s nail just to see how well cut and clean, paint in beige or natural color, well you probably would think that’s classy and conservative at the same time; how about a young girl full of brings and colors as nail polish? well that will probably make you think that she likes to have good time and not afraid to show it! How about colors? do you know what colors actually mean? how about red? one of the hottest yet sensual colors you will probably find.
Red nail polish show that you are fun, outgoing yet confident sensual and sexy. Especially short cut red nails, can be very easy to maintain and you can do them at the comfort of your house; just remember in order to make your nail polish look fabulous, first clean and cut your nails good, and give the ends a good shape; however, many women, prefer long nails, and that’s understandable- why? because long nails are quiet sexy and for summer, you can play along with colors; but if you are looking into something that is eye-catching and stunning, try red.
I have collected below some amazing red nail polish ideas and designs you can try home or take it and show it to the nail artist designer, I am sure they will find it super easy to do; have fun and enjoy the top nail color for this summer, the stunning red!