Purple eye shadow is a great choice both for daily wear or evenings; it all depends on how you apply it. There are many ways you can play with purple eye shadow, such as combining it with black by the ends, with gold, with shimmering for evenings and so on. But first of all I will give you three fundamental tips on how to apply purple eye shadow:
Step 1: I believe applying base is very important not only to make your eye shadow last throughout the day, but also because when you wear a base, the eye shadow gets easier to apply on. Therefore always wear base, it can be cosmetic eye shadow base or any other skin cream works just fine. Start by applying your chosen purple eye shadow; make sure you apply it good all over your eyelid then blend it good; about the end, you can create a sharpen line by using a tissue to avoid blending too much.
Step 2: Define your eyes; ever wonder how professionals apply the most gorgeous eye shadows, well that’s because they are professionals, that’s what they do, but you can learn to do yourself the same trick, and applying the same eye shadow color on your lower lashes with a small blender brush is one of the tricks. Be careful though, you are not supposed to blend on your lower lashes, only create a thick line.

Step 3: Finish with a black mascara and for your lips go nude or peach lipstick. Avoid colors or too much lipstick, it will just ruin the looks. Below are some of the best purple eye shadow make up to inspire you all;