Though this poem was written long back by me, but this is all i am able to say at this moment

Hold my hand and leave me never,
and baby i promise you my love forever.
Their might me many girls in this world,
But to loving them like you would be just absurd.
Because your love is my only treasure that i want to keep,
That's why i have hidden this treasure in my heart too deep.
My heart is too much stubborn, it has stuck upon you,
It won't ever love another, even if it is sticken with glue.
Everytime you are near it shouts, "Hey sweetheart."
and asks "HOw much more are you gona stay apart.?
because life without you is as good as hell,
feels like am in a dark room without any torch or cell.
The day we broke up, I was stuck without any clue,
Because I had never learnt to fix someone like you.
Yet I'm glad that mine one dream come true,
In this life of mine, somewhere I too was loved by you.
Now in distance you might stay miles apart,
But baby you are always close to me in my heart.
Still for you, I'll be always their whenever u need,
and would happily fight with all you troubles by being in lead.
I would never let you mine absence felt,
Because baby u might have moved but I never really left.
I don't watch much cartoons, Yet "shinchan" is sweet,
And I promise you princess,
I will love you till my heart's last beat..