Jon Olsson’s Audi R8 is maybe the lightest, fastest and probably the most extreme Audi R8 in the world, featuring a ton on upgrades, both in terms of looks and performances as well, made by the guys at PPI. Who’s Jon Olsson, you ask? Well, he’s a professional skier who loves cars just as much as he loves winter, as shown by this amazing PPI Audi R8 Razor GTR.

It features a one of a kind design thanks to a lot of new, carbon fiber components which replace many of the car’s stock parts. The carbon fiber widebody kit makes this R8 even more aggressive than it normally is and also reduces the car’s weight by around 550lbs. Another important upgrade was made under the hood where this Audi R8 received a big stasis supercharger kit that takes the power output to a breathtaking 710 horsepower and 523 lb-ft of torque.

So now you know that this bad-ass Audi R8 is a lot more aggressive, faster and lighter than the standard model, but it’s also really stylish inside the cockpit. Apparently the skier invested more than €300,000 on this car (not including the price of the car) so every bit of the car is as good as it can get. Now he’s trying to sell it…