Nokia’s new flagship Lumia 925 smartphone has made a huge splash on launch, and it’s hard to believe that it’ll be just a few weeks (on sale June 13) until you can get your hands on one.
The gorgeous aluminium unibody cradles and highlights the stunning 4.5 inch HD+ display perfectly, but it’s the unique and innovative onboard camera that’s really making waves.

Pureview camera pleasure

The award-winning 8.7 MP camera contains no less than six Carl Zeiss lenses, making it the most advanced lens technology available. This, alongside cutting-edge PureView technology, combines to make it the best low light phone camera on the market. Spectacular sharpness in low-light photos and astonishingly precise video abilities has also wowed experts.
The Nokia Lumia 925 unleashes a new standout feature on the market, called Smart Camera Mode. This allows you to edit pictures after you’ve taken them, preserving the perfect digital memories with a range of effects to suit every occasion - a simple UI and burst photo capabilities mean that you capture every angle with ease. Effects include face change, object removal, strobe, action simulation or automated selection of the best shot, and all of these options are available thanks to the burst feature, without having to select it in advance.
That’s not the end of this smartphone camera’s ingenuity however – there’s even a solution to the age-old accidental photo bomb. The Remove Moving Object feature in Nokia Smart Camera lets you erase unwanted details to get your picture looking just the way you want. Not only that, but the Action Shot feature means that you’ll literally be able to capture more of the action than your eyes can see.
  Nokia Smart Camera lets you snap once to get a sequence of movements in a single high-quality image.
Work, rest and play:
Powered by Windows 8, Nokia’s newest flagship super-phone allows you to stay in touch with friends and family effortlessly via integrated social feeds, as well as keeping you up-to-the-second with business matters due to the baked-in Microsoft Office functionality.
That’s not all either – for those quiet moments of relaxation, there’s the music player, complemented by free tunes on Nokia Music and also the awesome augmented reality power of HERE City Lens with Live Sight. Simply hold up your phone to see restaurants, caf
és, shops, and more overlaid onto the surfaces of the buildings in your phones camera display as virtual signs. A simple tap on the signs will bring up contact information, hours, reviews and social sharing functions  no more squinting at a damp map! For more information on the Nokia Lumia 925, check out the official Nokia site and keep your eyes open for pre-order announcements ahead of the June 13 on sale date…