The purpose of hair style is to increase the beauty of a person. For hair care and to look good we must change our hair style after few months. There are many different styles shown below u may copy these hair styles to look good. Human hair are natural but human hair accessories  are quite advantages over artificial additions. But you can improve your beauty by stylish hair. For a unique look person must change their hair style. There are many hair styles out there that it can make the head spin. The name of different styles are short hair styles, long hair style, prom hair style and wedding hair style below images are the samples for you may copy it right now. Whether you want to look pretty and you want to look beautiful or you want to look unique look you might want some help. So to help you we put all these images of different hair styles.  I have some tips for your hair style you might choose a great prom hair style so you need to pay attention to every detail of your appearance. You also create a french twist with long hair, the french twist is versatile and appropriate for formal and informal occasions. But french twist is also versatile for short hair. Its depends on you weather you choose with long hair style or short hair style. You also create a curls some people have straight hair or some have curl hair naturally but a person who have straight hair also curl their hair by using curl iron or a person who have curl hair make their hair straight by using iron. Hair extensions are definitely not uncommon. but before you dive into that trend. Perms are often considered dated and but its has been achieve now.