Saadia Asad is a renowned name in Pakistan’s fashion industry. The brand label, originating from Lahore, has been greatly successful in creating a distinctive image in the minds of the audience. As a fashion designer, Years of experience has turned the designing pencil of Saadia Asad into a magic wand of splendid contrast, colors, and pattern.
She has been greatly inspired by the latest fashion trends in the industry and the region in particular. Saadia Asad combines these trends with her own aesthetics and designs an absolute masterpiece dress. Inspired from intricate artwork, Saadia Asad has been able to create a unique blend of colors to empower the dress owners’ persona. Exclusive and revered patterns of Saadia Asad’s clothing line accede to express your enamored feelings and personality. High quality material and detail oriented designs have given Saadia Asad a upper hand in the fashion industry
A testament to Saadia Asad’s impression on the regional fashion industry is the fact that her dresses are showcased at Fashion District Lahore, Tehxeeb, L’atalier, Labels Faisalabad, and Designers’ Lounge Dubai. A key point is also the exclusivity of each dress under the brand label of Saadia Asad. Each dress is unique in terms of its designing, and designs are hardly ever repeated to ensure that each customer has a unique design.