One of the best things about fashion is how much variety there is. Every few weeks something new appears, and every few months, an impressive swarm of new arrivals settle upon us. Spring/Summer collections are hot off the runways now that the year has begun, and while Spring itself is not for a bit, some of these arrivals, including the all-important bags, have already begun making their way into our favourite stores. We pick five that we can't wait to get our hands on this season. 

Soft casual bags are great for lazy warm days out when you want to head out on a day of aimless wandering. If you're headed out to the gym or to run errands, we know the unbeatable ease of being able to throw things in a large tote bag without worrying about the shape and fit in the bag. We love the illusion of an adjustable buckle on the straps of this Sasha bag, and the fact that it is available in a medium or large. The colour is undoubtedly a winner for the fresher seasons, and simple in a way that is easy on the eyes and not at all dowdy.