Mambruk Ubiaat the scientific name Goura cristata, also known by the name of West Mambruk, Normal or Mambruk Mambruk Crown Blue, Goura cristata, is one of the bird species Virgin Mambruk or relatives merpati.Bird crown is grayish blue is sized large enough to special features such as lace crown on his head and dark fur around her eyes. Neuter well have the same size and shape, but the male is usually larger. Measurements of mostly is a length of 70 cm (28 inches) and weighs 2,100 grams (4.6 lbs). [1] This bird is akin near Mambruk Victoria and South Mambruk, everything is the largest type at once the most beautiful in the dove family (Columbidae). Mambruk Ubiaat is endemic animal Papua Indonesia, as only found in the lowland rainforests of the western island of Papua in Indonesia; Mambruk other types inhabit other parts of the island. Bird's main food is fruit and whole grains. Native Papuans hunt birds hunted for food and get a beautiful fur and blue. Due to habitat loss, the spread is limited and hunting, Mambruk Ubiaat categorized as vulnerable species in the IUCN Red List of threatened species.