Did we ever hear the story of household couples split because of financial problems. It is often the case in domestic life where many of the events in the first period of courtship is so beautiful in financial terms because the persistence of subsidies and grants from both sides of their parents, respectively.
But at the time they had entered the marriage, subsidies of one or both parents had been revoked. Then the couple must live financially independent. It was then that the issue for the problems started coming. Not only because the couple does not have an established financial capacity, but in terms of the partner's behavior, the different nature of the true indeed. That is, which one is like shopping (spenders) and on the other hand likes to save money (savers). Divorce is the mouth of all the above issues if not handled carefully.

Another example is how would it be if the wife has a position / status as well as a higher income than the husband. It can create an atmosphere where the wife becomes more superior and big head or the husband who would feel insecure / low self-esteem. This can lead to inequities in household decision-making.Or, another story as if both sides are working, then the wife of income can be used at will by him for domestic support obligation is the duty and obligation of the husband. It can arise syndrome "money man" where if the husband gets more revenue beyond the fixed income and the money never reached the hands of wife

Moral conclusions that can be learned from the story above story is, marriage is not enough just based on the foundation of love and loyalty alone. More than it should be any financial harmony can be interpreted as an adjustment between the parties in the household to manage money in the broadest sense of the breadth of the joint together. Concretely is not just strengthening personal relationships, but also in financial relationships.Financial harmony is a process of adjustment between the two sides which takes time and a change of both, are continuously and sustainably. There are some basic strategies that we can learn together:First, manage money and relationships with partners on the basis of respect and mutual respect. That is, do not lie about money. This can happen if the couple has a high trust on partner.Second, the couple must have the mindset of the future. Both in terms of basic needs, education and others. Insurance is one of best example Third, each pair know each other needs and desires of each party, in which case the cost will be, and how to make it happen.Fourth, to jointly create a financial plan and organize it and investment. Because financial purpose is the purpose of life, and therefore must be planned wisely and responsibly.Fifth, protect each other by putting some money together in a savings account or deposit with the intent of the safety net between the two sides, and the magnitude of a collective agreement are not mutually incriminating either party.

Sixth, communicate particular attention to the couple.For example, regarding financial assistance for parents or relatives who suffered, or is routine household expenses.
Hopefully, through careful financial planning and clear, each family is expected to live a happy, harmonious and prosperous, both morally and materially.