Today’s topic is about the trendy spring style in shoes – the neon shoes. We offer some ideas for wearing neon shoes in different outfit and the way to pair them with the most appropriate clothes. These are our suggestions:

 Match your      shoes to your outfit. It is easy. Yellow comes to yellow, pink to pink,      etc. It looks very bright, so add a couple of neutral accessories to make      sure you don’t overdo with neon.
Color block your      outfit. You can choose other vibrant hues to mix with your neon shoes or      paler and less expressive colors to keep the balance. All is up to your      taste, but we advise you to try the second variant as it is safer and      already looks daring enough.
Pair neon with      neutrals. Neon shoes look fantastic with black, white and nude garments by      adding necessary brightness to the attire.
Don’t be afraid to experiment and enjoy the fresh and impressive shoe trend of neon shoes, it is a good way to refresh your wardrobe and look and feel special.