Scarlet Tanager

A truly “wow” bird. A real treasure to have in your area.

Brown Shrike

This photo of the brown shrike (Lanius cristatus) shows a proud look after a successful landing on a bamboo pole. This was taken inside a pond at the University of the Philippines.

Cerulean Warbler

The heart of the breeding population of cerulean warblers occurs where mountaintop removal threatens the very existence of their breeding habitat and thus the future of this beautiful warbler. Neotropical migratory birds from warblers to sparrows are declining at alarming rates—rates that are not sustainable. Unless our culture sees these creatures as necessary, they will vanish into history, remembered only by photographs and paintings.


The larks are very interesting and hardworking birds. I admire them for their camouflage and courage with which they defend their nests and raise their young against all odds. Even though they are not colorful, the patterns are beautiful. Overall a very beautiful bird.