halloo beautiful people,

i'm here today to bring you a quick blogpost on my current perfume collection and the ones i want to purchase in the near future! recently, i've grown addicted to perfumes and how a different scent can change my mood or suit an outfit better? does that make any sense?!
these are the perfumes i currently own:

i try to split them into different seasons, although most of the time - i just spray on whichever one i fancy! for example, Light Blue and Fresh Blossoms is a summery scent for me whereas Hypnose is one for the wintery months! i love them all so much! i've also realised that i don't tend to stick to specific scents e.g. all sweet and florally, i like to branch out :)!

these are the ones i realllllly would like soon please! especially Daisy and Miracle - AHH! NEED TO SMELL LIKE THIS!!! and Marry Me! i've got the sample and using it sparingly. however, my nose is glued to my wrist when i've sprayed this. it smells soooo good! anyone out there? *winks*
which perfumes do you like? any recommendations?
hope you're all well! x