After three days dose of antibiotics, my condition is no better, sore throat is still there, slightly less painful. Sometimes, my temperature would increase a tad. All GPs advise to minimize medication intake during pregnancy but I feel horrible! How la? I have tried all the homebound remedies as well, now maybe it's a curse, I am officially a cold-drink-phobic. Everytime I pass by hawkers selling rambutan and durian on my way home, I just feel helpless.. huhu. So yesterday, B prescribed me cough syrup and what nots at least to buoy my condition, if not to make them recover. Seriously for those who had watched Breaking Dawn, I looked like the super-ill Bella Swan, maybe I need to drink blood huhu, Ya Allah, please make this nasty sore throat go go go!Pity B who has to bear with my coughing every night. :( Please2, but those of you out there who has miracle, workable remedies, please share with me!

I strongly believe that healthy being comes from a happy heart, so I decided to make myself euphoric today! Three roses to call my own, finally! :) Now they are not only on my head (see:Blog Header teeheee) but on my dressing table too!

It's understood to all that I buy this because of the oh-so-me pink rose flacon but the bonus is, it smells really good! Another lucky factor, they are now having the Christmas promotion and I really enjoy good deals of these beauties. And I think I want to go for the Marc Jacobs Daisy also, it smells nicer! 

They can make me smile all day long :)
The roses are so pink I am gonna die!