Apple to launch completely redesigned iPad 5 tablet in September?

As Apple's big rivals and their lawyers will tell you, it's hard to make tablets look different to the iPad. By their very nature, the things are oblong shaped and very thin. If you want them to sell that is.

However, speculation on Friday suggests that Apple may be about to tear up its own playbook by launching a full size, 9.7-inch iPad 5 with a complete design overhaul later this year.
Market research firm TrendForce reckons - and make of this what you will - it will take more clues from the iPad mini, making use of the bezel in order to make the tablet thinner.
The report reads: "Firstly, for the improvement on product design itself, the next generation of iPad will apply the thin GF2 touch module of the same level as iPad mini and use the narrow bezel panel design to solve the issue of larger volume, thickness, and weight that have been criticized to gain a better balance for consumers in mobility and visual experiences."
The research also suggests that once the iPad 5 arrives in September this year, it will see the iPad 2 awarded with a gold clock and a place in the gadget Hall of Fame, so to speak.
"Secondly, it is to underline the product positioning, the long-beloved iPad 2 is expected to retire with honor with the reveal of new iPad," TrendForce added.
The success of the iPad mini has made some question the future of Apple's 9.7-inch offering, but the new design will underline the company's commitment to the pioneering slate size, according to the research, which suggests that there'll be a 50/50 split between iPad and iPad mini sales in 2014.
So what might Sir Jony Ive had up his sleeve this time? How can Apple revamp the iPad without reinventing the wheel? Let us know in the comments section below.