I Want to be in a relationship where... ♥

♥ She can wear my large t-shirt at night :P

♥ We can both sleep together in one bed =D

♥ We can be like kids making silly
faces and doing baby talks...

♥ I can shout at her when I’m mad,
then she’ll hug me tight so I’ll shut up :-*

♥ She’ll pull me close to her so I
won’t have the chance to let go...

♥ We’ll watch horror movies
together o.O

♥ I’ll kiss her secretly then she’ll smile 

♥ We’ll fight, but not that much :)

♥ We’ll break up but get back
together few days after :-*

♥ She’ll make me the luckiest boy in
the world 

♥ ♥ I’m the only Boy she loves ♥ ♥