The hoopoe (hud-hud) is an elegant bird, which is related to the hornbill. It gets its unusual name from its shrill call of “hoops”, which rings clear and far and is repeated two or three times. Often the cry is cut off very short. This may be caused by the bird’s bill sharply striking the ground at the end of the note. It is one of the Old World’s non-passerine birds. Its scientific name is “Upupa epops” (family Upupidae, of the roller order, Coraciiformes). King-fishers, bee-eaters, rollers, hoopoes and hornbills are collectively referred to as roller-like birds.

I guess the first impressions you get from seeing a Hoopoe for the first time is a mixture of the comical as well as the beautiful! With its striking colours and very distinct black and white wing pattern the Hoopoe is a favourite among even the most casual observer.