Above Barry M, Models Own is very quickly becoming my new favourite nail polish brand. Aswell as always having the shade i'm looking for, they also bring out many different collections which are always original and exciting. So I decided, naturally, it was time to pick up three new colours to add to my small yet growing collection.Luis Lemon is from their new Ice Neon Collection. This collection is housed in a frosted glass bottle which is supposedly to keep the liquid cold to keep the colour brighter. Whether this is actually true or a bit of a gimick I'm not sure, but what I do know is this is damn bright! It's opaque after two coats but I did three just incase. The colour is very bright, but in a good way. The camera doesn't even come close to doing it any justice! This was the only shade I picked up just to try, but the others in the collection seem so nice too, I want all!

Beach Party is quite a popular shade for Models Own. It's not new but it is my only one from the Hed Kandi collection. It's a bright orange. Not as neon as the ice neon collection colours, but definitely eye catching and gorgeous. It dries to the loveliest finish, kind of matte but not quite! This shade was opaque after two coats and looks seamless on the nails.Now this is one of the most exciting collections i've heard in a while! A scented nail polish, brilliant. This collection comes in all pastel shades which are gorgeous but unfortunately I already have many pastel colours so choosing one to be wise wasn't easy! I opted for this pale pink but I do think the green and blue are the nicest in the collection, but I have way too many mints! The polish does have a scent, I wasn't sure this was going to work! It does smell like nail polish when you first apply, but after drying there is a scent, just not madly strong. Opaque after two coats and a lovely idea!All in all i'm very happy with all these colours. Beach Party was the last colour I picked up but has become my favourite of the three. The ice neon collection is amazing, if you want a neon nail, this is the way to go! As for the scented polishes, cute idea but only go for it if you like the shade, the scent is nothing to buy for!