As sammi from beautycrush is well known one of my style icons, during the summer when she would talk about her favourite nail colour, maybelline ceramic blue, i really wanted it. Soon many lovely beauty bloggers were sporting the shade yet i still never grabbed myself one. When in Topshop, Oxford Street, at the beggining of March,
 I picked up a Barry M in a similar shade. A gorgeous sky cloudy blue. In the bottle this shade also has a cute lilacy shimmer to it but you'll see in a second that that doesn't show onto nails, what so ever.The nail paint is very sheer at first and needed three to four coats for full opacity. When i applied it, originally in the evening so there was no natural light, it appeared very mint based, similar to mint candy apple by Essie. I hoped it would look more blue in the day time, and thankfully it did. It's a lovely shade, perfect for the pastel crazy season of spring/summer.