For sure you all know about my nail obsession. With new and exciting nail art pieces being released at the moment (e.g. caviar, feather, fur..) I was so happy to find these stud nail accessories and had so much fun playing around with them. Studs are massive in the fashion world right now and have been for the past few seasons, so naturally bring them over to your nails!The set comes as a cute little wheel with gold and silver studs, caviar style beads, pearls, lots of lovely things! They look tiny but there's plenty in the wheel for a many different occasions so you don't need to save each stud as they fall off, and they're alot easier to apply than you may think. I chose to go with a brown, black and gold theme and have a different style on each nail, but you can do this any way you like and would look very chic if they all matched.
 How i applied them was, i painted the nails first of all and planned which pattern i wanted on which nail so i knew which colour to apply. I then applied a layer of clear polish for the studs to stick to and added the studs accordingly. If you lightly dip you finger into a wet sponge or lick it then you can stick the stud to it and apply it that way, or use tweezers. I then left them for a few seconds and applied a few coats of clear polish to secure.