Hyundai has chosen the 2012 Paris Motor Show to unveil a new three-door hatch-back version of the i30 for the European market. The European i30 three-door hatchback will be very similar to the North American Elantra GT five-door with a few minor differences including engine options and suspension tuning. The i30 is designed, engineered and manufactured in Europe and for Europe. The aim of this model is to expand the i30 model line up and also appeal to more potential customers.

The North American equivalent of the i30 is the Elantra and the question is, will Hyundai make the Elantra available as a three door hatch-back? Well the closest car we have to this is the Elantra GT hatchback which is a five door vehicle. The reason why Hyundai decided to make this coupe version for Europe is because all hatchback models sell very well there. Here in the United States it seems like a lot more people like traditional sedans. Despite this, I don’t think anyone should rule out the introduction of this model in North America because versatile hatchbacks might sell better than expected. For now, buyers in the United States will have to settle for the Elantra GT
five door hatchback, coupe, or sedan.

All of the i30 range in Europe is offered with a choice of four engines. The range topping engine is the U-II 1.6-liter diesel engine that develops 128 horspower. What do you think about this model? Would you rather have a 3-door model of the Elantra GT than the five-door that is available? I think that with the introduction of the Veloster that this model wouldn’t do well in the United States. I think that a diesel engine would do well if Hyundai decided to offer one in some of their models in North America.